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Krause Konstruction We Do Steeples
Krause Konstruction: We Do Steeples. Copper, Slate, Tile, Asphalt, Fiberglass, and Standing Seam
Steeple Work
  • All types of steeple roofs - asphalt, slate, tile or copper. Steeple painting. Lightening rods, crosses, windows and louvers. Installation, repair and maintenance.
  • Stone, brick, smoke stacks, and chimneys.
  • All types of painting - Complete Service.
  • Complete caulking service.
  • Complete re-roofing or small repairs. Tile, Slate, Copper, Asphalt and Fiberglass Shingles.
    • Flat Roofing
    • Rubber Roofing
    • Copper Decking
Tile, Slate and Copper
  • A complete selection of slate and tile. Individual tiles or slates can be replaced without removing large roof sections. Copper work available.
Chimney Work
  • Chimney installation or repair
  • Water Proofing of Foundations and All Exterior Masonry
Lightning Rod
  • Installation
Gold Leaf Work • Bonded • Fully Insured

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